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Director of Learning: Mrs K Toby Email

Curriculum Ambition

At Poynton High School, we are proud to offer our learners a secure environment to help them develop their Mathematical skills. When you learn mathematics, you are learning a language. This is the language that describes how the world around you works and it allows you to solve complex problems in a structured way. When our students join us in Year 7, our ambition is to share our love of Mathematics through problems and puzzles. Through this approach, our students will develop, and consolidate, their mathematical skills. As the students progress through the school, we build on these skills and develop mathematical fluency by promoting deliberate discussion

We believe in teaching Mathematics through enrichment rather than acceleration. Our curriculum is set up deliberately using aspects of both a Mastery and a Spiral Curriculum. In our Mathematics lessons we use modelling, class discussion and independent practice. Students are given time to get to grips with a topic, practice formalising their skills before applying this to more unstructured problems. Broad topics are revisited, building on prior knowledge and moving students further up the skills ladder.

All of our students study Mathematics until, at least, the end of year 11. Many students opt to continue their studies by taking A level Mathematics and, in some cases, A Level Further Mathematics. A high number of students also choose to study Mathematics based degrees at University.

Through high quality teaching and learning our intent is that the Mathematics curriculum will allow students to:

  • Enable all students to make good progress irrespective of their starting points.
  • Develop an appreciation of Mathematics and a natural curiosity to tackle Mathematical problems.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the Mathematics being taught.
  • Think about, reason and be able to discuss their Mathematical thinking with others.
  • Understand, and be able to use, technical vocabulary so that they are able to communicate using the correct Mathematical words.
  • Use known facts efficiently, fluently and accurately within problem solving tasks.
  • Be able to select the most appropriate strategy, or strategies, when solving problems.
  • Develop resilience and independence with their studies in Mathematics so that they are able to solve a range of complex problems.
  • Through the structure of the curriculum, regularly revisit topics and build upon their prior learning.
  • Use, with confidence, the skills they have learnt in Mathematics in other subjects, such as Science, Geography, Product Design and Business Studies.
  • Gain an appreciation for Mathematics-based careers and appreciate the importance of studying Mathematics into further education.
  • Appreciate, and enjoy, the academic challenge of Mathematics and recognise its importance into the wider world and in everyday life.

Mathematics is taught across all key stages at Poynton High School by a dedicated and enthusiastic team of eleven specialist teachers.

Students of all abilities from Years 7 to 13 face a level of challenge that develops their mathematical understanding. The emphasis is on deep understanding, enabling students to gain mastery of the topics covered.

Our mission is to enrich the learning experience and maximise the achievement of all students. At all levels students participate in activities that engage and inspire: The most able are encouraged to reflect upon and generalise their learning whilst those who need additional help receive tailored support.

The department also runs extra-curricular opportunities through the UKMT Maths Challenges. Our students have the opportunity to participate in the individual and team challenges that take place throughout the year.

The Maths Team

Director of Learning

Mrs J Bland

KS3 Coordinator

Miss G Ashworth

KS4 Coordinator

Miss C Angell

KS5 Coordinator

Ms R Horne

Coordinator for Teaching & Learning

Mrs J Beech

Data Coordinator

Mr E Latch

Teachers of Maths

Mrs R Earl

Mr E Latch

Miss W Ryder

Mrs V Simmonds

Mrs F Cox

Mrs S Harb

Mrs R Hughes

Mr W Lear

Mr C Megarrell


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