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The Vernon family can trace their ancestry back to France before the Norman Invasion of England in 1066. Richard Vernon was a Knight for William the Conqueror and he ruled as Lord over 14 manors in Cheshire in the Domesday survey of 1086.

By 1785, Lord Vernon owned the lands and coal mines around Poynton and the village grew to become a successful mining and farming community. The Vernon family were rich and powerful landowners and mine owners so they were very important local celebrities in Poynton.

The Vernon family lived in a mansion a short drive from Towers Road in Poynton. The house and the gardens were extended and the King Pool had a boathouse, with a fountain in the lawn, and fruit orchards. By 1911 there were tennis lawns, a cricket pitch and a croquet lawn, extensive fruit and kitchen gardens and large heated greenhouses for vines and peaches. The latest modern technology was added and electricity was produced by a home generator with gas lighting and central heating. The Park, Pool and two lodges were included in the grounds. In 1950, the Mansion and the two towers were demolished.

Poynton High School & Performing Arts College

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