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Vision - Ethos and Values

Vision and Values

Poynton High School really is a special school where we passionately believe in creating a school that truly meets the needs of all in our learning community.  This is embodied in our mission statement which serves to guide us in the long term planning for our school.

Our Mission

“We will inspire and empower all in our learning community to fulfil their individual potential and ambitions so that all are able to be active and successful citizens in our global society”

This can be summed up in three words, INSPIRE ACHIEVE CELEBRATE and is applied to every aspect of our work.  We aim to inspire our young people in all of our work so that they may achieve their full potential and at the heart of this lies a truly celebratory culture; we aim to inspire you, so that you can achieve, and we celebrate every achievement for every student.

Strategic Intent

Our mission is underpinned by our six themes of strategic intent.  These themes give us our medium to long term direction and underpin all of our School Improvement Planning and Operational Actions:

  1. Community
  2. Leadership
  3. Curriculum
  4. Learning
  5. Welfare
  6. Environment

Strategic Intent Theme 1: Community

We will serve, through proactive engagement, all members of our community and we will establish ourselves at the heart of our community’s learning needs.

Strategic Intent Theme 2: Leadership

We will achieve, through a rigorous pursuit of excellence, strong, innovative, effective and highly ambitious leadership for all members of our learning community; fostering a spirit of collaboration and partnership.  We recognise that this is only achieved through the development of a highly trained, highly motivated workforce.

Strategic Intent Theme 3: Curriculum

We will deliver a curriculum that meets the needs of all students all of the time through opportunities that are exciting, stimulating and empowering.  We will establish ourselves as a teaching Centre of Excellence. 

Strategic Intent Theme 4: Learning

We will achieve a strong culture of learning in all aspects of our work; embedding a thirst for lifelong learning throughout our community within a framework of inspiration, achievement and celebration.

Strategic Intent Theme 5: Welfare

We will produce confident learners who are creative, resilient, independent and highly ambitious members of our community who demonstrate respect and fairness within a safe, caring and cooperative culture.

Strategic Intent Theme 6: Environment

We will engender excellence in learning and personal development with high quality and effective resources, where all are empowered within an inspirational, safe and flexible environment.

Operational Themes

In order to achieve our longer term vision and its underpinning strategic intent, we recognise the following as short term operational theme priorities:

Operational Theme Description


Build a climate of innovation and creativity

Student Voice

Build a strong student voice, to encourage participation and to inform the development of teaching and the curriculum. 

Parental Voice

Build strong links with parents and give them a voice within the school.

Everyday Mission

Reinforce our vision and mission in all of our day-to-day work and communication with wider community

Performance Management

Ensure that performance management reflects the schools’ vision and mission


Develop strong communication between the leadership of the school and staff, parents and students.


Establish systems which make certain that hard to reach groups are fully involved in our learning community


Develop a curriculum that allows all students to achieve in line with the best amongst them.

Best Practice

Build a reservoir of good practice and ideas for teachers based on strong pedagogical evidence and research.


Develop new, and further develop existing, partnerships


Develop skills in collaborative leadership and partnership


Develop strong relationships with multi-agency support services

Learning Environment

Improve the learning environment so that it facilitates more flexible approaches to learning

Digital Leadership

Establish a detailed plan for e-learning and engagement with new technologies


Ensure effective training is taking place for all professionals

Self-Evaluation & Improvement Planning

Embed self-review and improvement planning in all aspects of our work

Best Value Principles

Extend quality review processes to all service level agreements and sub contracted provision


Ensure school developments are backed by effective financial and administrative control.

School Improvement Planning

Our Operational Themes are achieved through our School Improvement Planning Cycle which is documented in our School Improvement Plan which includes medium term (three year planning) and short term (one year planning).

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