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Respect & Teamwork


Lyme Park was the home of the Legh family, and for many generations the men served as soldiers, fighting in famous battles in British history against the French and the Scots.

Lord Legh was fighting at Agincourt with King Henry V against the French, and he took with him a Lyme mastiff, a vicious breed of guard dog. Lyme mastiffs were given as gifts to Kings across Europe, but the breed had died out by the early 20th century.

The Leghs had a family tradition of naming the eldest male heir Peter, or Piers. So each new head of the house gained a Roman numeral after his name.

Peter X created the Lyme Park we know today, transforming the earlier Tudor house into a stately home in the Italian style.  Work began in 1725 and, over the next few years, they built an elegant house and this design was copied  by many country houses in England.

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