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Reading Strategy

At Poynton High School our aim is to promote reading strategy initiatives with students, parents and staff and engage them in an ongoing love of reading. The development of our reading culture aims to inspire students to embrace reading in a variety forms and take on the challenge of reading texts that are unfamiliar to them. Our hope is that a successful reading initiative will also serve to support the wider improvement of literacy within our school. A focus on reading allows us to develop our learning, gives time to work on our emotional well-being and sometimes simply offers us a well-needed escape from reality!

Some of the key outcomes we feel students achieve from reading are below:

  • Reading is good for your brain – it increases the blood flow and improves connectivity in the brain.
  • Reading introduces new ideas – it helps you detect patterns, solve problems and assimilate new information.
  • Reading makes you a better writer – you will unconsciously absorb techniques and vocabulary.
  • Reading improves your conversational skills – the knowledge you gain gives you lots to talk about.
  • Reading strengthens worldview and convictions – texts you agree with reinforce your ideas, whilst texts you disagree with broaden your perspective.
  • Reading improves your self-discipline and consistency – it forces you to form deep connections and builds your concentration.
  • Reading inspires you – reading a good book is like being around an inspiring person.
  • Reading reduces stress – reading can ease tensions in your muscles and heart.

The story so far…

We spent a significant part of the academic year 2020-2021 developing the idea of a whole school reading strategy. As part of the project staff members across the school supported with the inclusion of reading in their own lessons, taking part in professional discussions about reading, and creating the PHS Audiobook (comprising of 28 members of staff from a range of curriculum areas reading sections of books to students in Key Stages 3 and 4).  We also delivered the successful World Book Day quiz, with over 300 entries from students. With funding from the PTA we launched a well-received book rewards scheme, gifting 150 books to students nominated by our members of staff.

The Poynton High School Book of the Year 2021

This year we have chosen eight books to read as a school community. Members of staff have each been given one of the books to read themselves and pass on to a student. Towards the end of the year we will all vote on the book we enjoyed the most, awarding the Book of the Year Award to school’s favourite book.

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Student Quotes.

  • “I think it’s beneficial to my learning when I read around the subject. It also gives me time to read more Harry Potter!!” - Maddie, Year 9
  • “I find relaxing. It means I get a calm start to my lessons.” – Dylan, Year 9

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