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Curriculum Ambition

At Poynton High School we are proud to offer Dance at all Key Stages. Dance is an expressive outlet for young people and it helps build confidence and self-esteem. We have an amazing Dance Studio that is engaging and inspiring for all. Dance is embedded into the curriculum and offered to all with new Schemes of Work that demonstrate clear progression.

  • To develop students’ creative skills through understanding of choreography, technique and skill
  • To develop life skills sets - Team collaboration, presentation process to performance
  • To give the students a sense of physical freedom through expression
  • To debunk the gender-based bias around sport and fitness
  • To encourage fitness, stamina, perseverance
  • Students seeing a process, well prepared leading to a quality product
  • To link effort to result
  • To be publicly accountable for their work
  • To develop a culture of excitement and inclusion regardless of ability
  • To understand the creative process is not exclusive and critical self-analysis, responding to feedback and taking direction is a natural part of the process
  • For students to experience the joy of performing
  • To encourage involvement in extracurricular dance opportunities.
  • To create powerful and meaningful relationships with my students
  • To create a sense of trust between peers and staff and develop students sense of self esteem
  • To share and celebrate students work
  • To prepare students with the confidence to place their work on an outward facing platform

The Dance Department is staffed by an enthusiastic, specialist teacher who is passionate about her subject.

At Key Stage 3, we teach a variety of topics and styles ranging from an introduction to dance terminology to stylistic features of Lindy Hop, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Street and Contemporary. We actively engage all our learners through different learning styles and enthusiastic teaching.  All lessons at Key Stage 3 are taught practically and these are enhanced by the use of ICT through video clips and exciting music, making the subject accessible to all.

At Key Stage 4, we follow the AQA syllabus. Over the two years, students will develop performance, technical, and choreographic skills. They will use these skills to create pieces of Dance which to be assessed on. Students will also learn how to analyse professional work in preparation for a written examination.

All students have the opportunity to take part in extra-curricular clubs and specialist projects, many of which are in partnership with our arts organisations. Throughout the year students can enjoy performing in showcases at school, in Poynton, Stockport and Cheshire, attend theatre trips, Summer School and so much more! These activities help to support our students in the classroom and enrich their learning, improving confidence, self-esteem, creativity and self-motivation.


The Dance Department
Dance Co-ordinator Mrs C Hardicre

Poynton High School & Performing Arts College

Yew Tree Lane, Poynton, Cheshire SK12 1PU

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